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About SigScale

SigScale is an open source company focused on cloud native signaling solutions for communications service providers’ virtualized core networks. We are committed to building open source software and fostering a community around it’s development. We invite interested parties to join our development teams where they may participate in code review and submit changes. Complete project availability will be made through GitHub.

SigScale OCS

SigScale OCS performs the AAA (Authentication, Authorization & Accounting) functions for Network Access Servers (NAS) (e.g. Wi-Fi access points). To perform these AAA functions, OCS uses RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) protocol. It also manages subscriber account balances, debiting in real time, to support a prepaid service. SigScale OCS will be released as a fully open source project hosted on GitHub with binary installable packages available for several popular Linux distributions.

  • Highly Available

    Application architecture will support and re-enforce the protection in other layers to ensure the maximum availability.

  • Low footprint

    Underlying Erlang OTP stack ensures the OCS utilizes the lowest amount of CPU cycles hence providing a smooth performance with minimum resources.

  • Massively scalable

    Modularized architecture allows the expansion with ease.

  • Simple installation and management

    We provide binary packaged distributions for popular environments.

  • Embedded internal RADIUS servers

    WISPs don't have to worry about integrating an external RADIUS Server and databases since the SigScale OCS has an embedded internal RADIUS server.

  • Concurrency Oriented

    OCS is all about handling lots of traffic and many of them at the same time

OCS Management

  • A modern material design interface provides an intuitive front end to the powerful backend engine of SigScale OCS. The UI is easy to use for all day to day operations, making management a pleasure. Securely access it from anywhere with desktops, tablets and smartphones.


    The UI also provides reports on both accounting and access requests. Operators may check current activity or browse archived IP detail records (IPDR).

  • Clients

    Quickly and easily add a network access server (NAS) to the Clients table by identifying the IP address and password (secret) assigned to the device. Only known clients will be authenticated, others are ignored. Disconnect and change of authorization (CoA) port may be tailored for each client device.

  • Subscribers

    End user device credentials are added to the Subscribers.table. Several types of authentication may be used including MAC, simple username/password and extensible authentication protocol (EAP). An Ethernet address as identity, with no secret (password), may be used to replace static access control lists (ACL) or Mikrotik WPA-PSK may be used with unique pre-shared keys per MAC. Usernames may be authenticated using passwords. Where devices support EAP a compatible method will be negotiated with configurable preference of either EAP-PWD or EAP-TTLS.

  • Credit Management

    Each subscriber is given a starting balance when they are provisioned. Real time accounting manages that balance and when it is depleted the subscriber will be disconnected immediately. The balance may represent a safety limit for "unlimited" packages or may be fine grain managed with topups done over the REST API interface.

Cellular Experience ! Without Captive Portals

Why can't connecting to a Wi-Fi network be as easy as connecting to a cellular network ?

Latest News

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SigScale Announces Public Open Source Release of Online Charging System (OCS) Release 2.0 under Apache 2.0 License

SigScale Announces Public Open Source Release of Online Charging System (OCS) Release 2.0 under Apache 2.0 License. At the TM Forum live! event in Nice today SigScale Global Inc. announced the second public release of SigScale OCS, under an Apache 2.0 open source license, introducing DIAMETER protocol for support of 3GPP use cases. Read More ...

SigScale Releases Open Source Online Charging System

MEMPHIS, Tennessee, March 14th 2017 -- SigScale Global Inc. announced the first public release of SigScale OCS, an online charging system, under an Apache 2.0 open source license.

SigScale joins The TM Forum

The TM Forum recently inducted SigScale as its newest member.

SigScale opens it's Colombo development center at Orion City IT Park

Sigscal opened its research and development centre to the Orion City IT park in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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TM Forum Live 2017

SigScale is at TM Forum live! 2017 where we are participating in a Catalyst project demonstration along with Telefonica, Verizon, Telenor, Airtel, Indra, Etiya, Infosys and Riverbed. The project focuses on Day 2 management using Open Source MANO (OSM). SigScale contributed a VNF for BRAS/BNG emulation in a AAA use case scenario.

WISPAmerica 2017

SigScale CEO, Vance Shipley will be attending the WISPAmerica 2017 in Memphis Tennesse. The conference will host an Exhibit Hall featuring over 70 vendors displaying their products and services; wireless gear, fiber-optics, tower infrastructure, software, cloud services, VoIP solutions, consultants, mapping services and more.

Meet SigScale CEO Vance Shipley at MWC 2017

Meet, SigScale CEO Vance Shipley at Mobile World Congress 2017. Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organised by the GSMA and held in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, 27 February - 2 March 2017

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